All Certified NeuroTransformational Coaches have first completed a recognized coach training program* before completing all four modules of BEabove Leadership’s Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching, a total of over 81 classroom hours (in addition to their core coach training). Upon completion of these modules, our certified coaches have then completed a rigorous Certification Program, which includes additional reading, review, coaching supervision and feedback. At the end of this program, they must pass a comprehensive written test (essay format) covering key neuroscience topics, as well as a one-to-one interview and coaching proficiency test. We’re very proud to recommend all our CNTCs as transformational coaches and experts in the neuroscience of human development.

*in some rare cases, they may instead be trained as therapists — see individual information for more detail.

Adriana Cavazos, CNTC, PCC
Adriana has a firm belief in the ability that everyone has to shine and with this conviction, she enjoys accompanying people in transformative experiences, so that they achieve their goals by living fully.
Alexandra Shaw B.Sc. M.Sc. MBA CPCC ACC CNTC
Alexandra launches high performers, subject matter experts and leadership teams, to reach their full potential and make a greater impact. As a seasoned executive herself, with both business and technical experience, Alexandra helps clients access their full leadership range.
Alexandra believes that, through greater self-awareness, higher levels of engagement and personal commitment to a greater purpose, leaders are able to achieve much more than they ever thought
Allison Ballou
Allison Ballou, CPCC, CNTC, is a Leadership Development Coach, specializing in career transition, advancement, and leadership development.
Amanda Breckenridge
Amanda Breckenridge launched Breckenridge Coaching & Advising in early 2019 after 15 years of servant leadership. Amanda is dedicated to partnering with executives at early-stage, high-growth startups on discovering ways to lead with compassion, develop sustainable cultures that empower teams to win, and create scalable revenue engines for long-term success.
Anita Bickerdike, CNTC, Co-Active Coach
Recognized for her practical approach, excellent interpersonal skills and deep understanding of people; Anita is an accomplished business leader, trainer and coach with extensive experience of organization and people development; leadership and change management.
Ann Betz
Ann Betz, CPCC, PCC, specializes in helping people move to new levels of consciousness, using the tools of BEabove's Seven Levels and cutting-edge neuroscience.
Carol McLean, CNTC, CPCC, ACC
Carol works with vulnerable youth and is the founder of Shift Happens Coaching a Canadian registered charity. It was born from her belief that every youth matter and they have a deep desire to be seen and heard. 
Carolyn Arculus
Carolyn is an internationally experienced somatic leadership & team coach, conflict mediator, change management consultant and cross-cultural specialist. She is an energetic and inspirational woman whose passion is to bring people alive so they realize their dreams, achieve fulfillment and truly add value to the organizations for which they work. She brings 25 years of diverse experience to partner with her clients.
Catherine works with leaders to uncover the truth of who they are so they can live and lead from their highest potential. Known for her warm hearted approach, she partners with clients to create transformation that brings more cohesiveness and productivity to the workplace. She holds a Masters and Doctorate from Harvard University and is a Professional Credentialed Coach, PCC, with ICF and training and certification from the Coach Training Institute (CTI).
Christina Neuhoff
Christina Neuhoff (CNTC, Co-Active and Narrative Coach), specializes in helping leaders and organizations through phases of transition or transformation to flourish within their specific environment towards the best possible impact, unfolding and living the story they really want to tell.