Train the Trainer Two

Bring the power of the Seven Levels of Effectiveness and neuroscience to organizations and groups. The Train the Trainer and Licensing Program gives you the training, curriculum, toolkit and license to unleash your own creativity and passion about the Seven Levels and neuroscience with the groups you serve.

prerequisite: Train the Trainer One

program cost

Pay in full:

Payment plan:
$1,000/month for 3 months

What will you learn?

Program Content

You will be trained to deliver transformational content and tools such as predictions and expectations, the power of metaphor, working with energy, and Seven Levels visioning process to groups and organizations. Workshops are designed to be delivered in smaller times or delivered together as half or full day workshops, depending on audience needs. You’ll receive materials, including:

  • PowerPoint Deck
  • Customizable marketing materials
  • and customizable timelines


A one-to-one mentoring session with Ann or Ursula, which can be used any time in your first year.


The fee for the Train the Trainer Two includes a one-year license fee, renewable at $250 annually. License allows training to be offered within any organization or business except coach training or consulting, or as public offering to any audience except coaches and consultants. (NOTE: Some permission may be granted for presentations to coaches, depending on the circumstances.) 

Overview and Logistics

Part One

  • Re-grounding of the neuroscience of prediction
  • Meta-metaphors in organizations
  • Using images and energy fields

We’ll have regular short breaks and, if program time is longer, a 30-minute dinner or lunch break midway through our time. 

In Between Sessions

Deliver assigned training to a real group via video conference (group can be friends, professional, community, etc.). No fees may be charged for this session. 

Meet with Ann or Ursula before your training for 30-minute consulting session. 

You can do any length of training you like up to 1.5 hours, but let us know which 30 minutes you want us to view. (This can be 30 minutes total in sections.)

Submit Zoom video recording of the training to [email protected] with instructions as to which section(s) to watch.

Review all videos before Session Two and make notes for discussion in class.

Prepare your own review—what are you proud of, what would you do differently, what feedback do you want?

Part Two

  • Review each person’s training; questions, feedback, and advice
  • Discuss general tips for training in person versus virtual offerings
  • Discuss and brainstorm marketing and sales
  • Review license

We’ll have regular short breaks and a longer 30-minute dinner or lunch break midway through our time. 

Join us


Train the Trainer Two

Part One: December 1 – 3, 2021

7:00 to 10:00 pm US-EST each day

Part Two: February 10 – 11, 2022

7:00 to 10:00 pm US-EST each day

Pay in Full


Payment Plan

$1000/month for 3 months