BEabove Leadership Train the Trainer and Licensing program

For Certified NeuroTransformational Coaches. See below for pre-requisites please. 


Over the years, many people have asked for permission to use the Seven Levels of Effectiveness and the neuroscience and consciousness tools from our Advanced Coaching Series in their own work, ranging from corporate training to parenting workshops. And while we’ve wanted to respond positively to this interest, we’ve never had the program in place to do so — until now! Announcing the BEabove Leadership Train the Trainer and Licensing program.

If you are interested in bringing the power and magic of the Seven Levels of Effectiveness and Neuroscience to organizations and groups, the Train the Trainer and Licensing Program is what you are looking for. In this program, you will receive the training, curriculum, toolkit and license to unleash your own creativity and passion about the Seven Levels and neuroscience with any group other than coaches and consultants.

Pre-requisite All four modules of the Advanced Coaching Program and Certification, resulting in the designation Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (the Certification program can be done concurrently or even after the Train-the-Trainer workshop, but is required before being granted a license).

Note: this is not a training program to become a BEabove trainer for our core curriculum, but is focused instead on giving you the tools and distinctions you need to bring neuroscience and consciousness into your own work with groups and organizations.


Train the Trainer One


Train the Trainer Two

Deceptively Simple, Endlessly Complex (or, why might you need/want this program?)

We know our students are incredibly smart and creative. You consistently bring us new ways of thinking about both consciousness and neuroscience. We know you are out in the world doing creative things with what you’ve learned in our classes. We are inspired and grateful from what you share with us, and what we learn. And we also want to give you the clearest, most rigorous way of sharing this work, especially when you are in front of a group. There are ways we have, over the years, learned to talk about the Seven Levels that are effective with groups. We’ve learned the distinctions that are crucially important, and the traps and pitfalls that are easy to fall into. The same is true for neuroscience, which is even more of a moving target. We want you to benefit from our experience, and have some help with what you may not be aware of. As we say (a lot) this stuff is deceptively simple, but endlessly complex. And also, we want you to be able to go fully into the content with groups, and not be limited to 10% of a presentation or even the 30% that a few of the tools from the Executive Coaching Program allow. (Because we’ve spent over ten years of our lives developing this work, as you know, we do restrict the sharing with groups to these limits in order to protect our intellectual property.)



You will be trained to lead two workshops. Workshop One focuses specifically on The Seven Levels of Effectiveness, including the neuroscience of each level. —Workshop Two focuses on the fundamentals of neuroscience, adaptable for various audiences, which can range from a leadership or management context, parenting, or even just living more effectively day to day. Each workshop is designed to be delivered as either a half or full day training, and the workshops can be delivered together or separately. (Workshops could also be broken down into smaller chunks, depending on audience need.) You’ll also receive a trainer toolkit of BEabove materials, including:

  • Seven Levels floor cards
  • Neuroscience floor cards
  • Seven Levels poster
  • PowerPoint Deck
  • Customizable marketing materials
  • and more

LICENSE: The fee for the Train the Trainer includes a one-year license fee of $1500, renewable at $500 annually. License allows training to be offered within any organization or business except coach training or consulting, or as public offering to any audience except coaches and consultants. (NOTE: Some permission may be granted for presentations to coaches, depending on the circumstances.) —


  • A one-to-one mentoring session with Ann or Ursula, which can be used any time in your first year.
  • Optional reflective participation in Module One/Two with mentoring. We welcome your attendance at a Module One/Two and will make ourselves available for debriefing and questions.



 This Train the Trainer and licensing features content, processes and tool kit based on Modules Three and Four but revised for use in an organizational or group context. This TTT is available only to those who have completed the basic Train the Trainer.

Here is some of what we will be including:

– Applying the Intuition System to organizations. Understanding how we relate to each other as a tool for culture change, team building and overall organizational effectiveness.

– Explore the power of emotional prediction in an organizational context.

– Working with energy and presence in a way people lean in and engage.

– Using the Seven Levels for visioning and culture change.

– The power of metaphor and organizational or group culture. How metaphors shape culture and expectation and how to use this.

– BONUS: Our new work on prediction and expectation–both for one to one coaching (a KICK ASS new tool) and in orgs.

Registration only open to those who have completed the basic Train the Trainer program. Please login, then return to this page to register.

LICENSE: Tuition includes one-year license, yearly renewal $250.


TTT-1 is based on tools and processes from Modules One and Two, revised for use in group training and organizational development settings.  Each group will have no more than 8 participants, with a minimum of 6.


  • March 5-7, 2021  //  10 am – 3pm US-EST each day
  • April 17-18, 2021  //  10 am – 3pm US-EST each day

LOCATION: online

COST: $4295 includes one-year license, yearly renewal $500


TTT-2 features content, processes and tool kit based on Modules Three and Four but revised for use in training and organizational development settings. This TTT is available only to those who have completed the basic Train the Trainer. Limit 8 participants.

DATES: TBA – Contact [email protected] if you are interested in taking TTT Two.


COST: $2495 includes one-year license, yearly renewal $250


Ann and Ursula, of BeAbove Leadership, have integrated consciousness and coaching with the latest findings in the field of neuroscience to create a powerful and accessible roadmap and guidebook. As a corporate coach, I use their resources with all my managers to help them excel in leadership — in their life and work and for the sake of those they lead. The BEabove Advanced Coaching Series is a must for the experienced coach.
George Rohrer

Life Strategy Coach, CPCC, MBA