What People Are Saying

I used to see my clients’ eyes glaze over when I tried to do something that maybe was more “woo-woo.” Since taking this course I see more light bulbs, because I can explain everything from a neuroscience perspective, and they say things like “Oh, that makes sense!”

I also have more patience with myself and the people who are important to me, because I have tools that not only work in coaching, but help me personally stay more grounded and less reactive. I now know what is going on in my own brain, and can use these tools to calm down no matter where I am.

Wendy Thompson


The intensive retreat was invigorating, transformational and fun! The curriculum design (scope and sequence) was so fluid and so well built that it, as all good curricula do, faded into the background of the learning experience. Ann and Ursula, both master teachers, delivered the content with grace and joy, and by catering to all learning styles, we were constantly engaged and actively processing and applying our new knowledge.

This experiential training also provided a medium for me and my fellow participants (who are brilliant and highly experienced coaches) to learn from one  another as we took the new content and tools out for a spin. Who knew learning about neuroscience could be so fun and interactive? I highly recommend this artfully integrated and inspirational training to anyone who is ready to shake things up, break things open, and try out some brilliant new tools in their coaching practice.

Kara Schommer

Director of Programs, Neighborhood House and Professional Coach

The models I learned in this course have given me the language to explain why we react in certain ways, and why things in life sometime feel like they’re flowing while other times we feel stuck. Most importantly, this program has provided me with a way of explaining what is possible. Surprisingly, I don’t have to dig to much into explanation and everyone that I’ve shared this with gets it, because it is part of our human experience. The understanding of how the brain works is fabulous!

Carolina Zuleta

Director, E-Team and Training, Engaged Health Solutions

Ann and Ursula, of BeAbove Leadership, have integrated consciousness and coaching with the latest findings in the field of neuroscience to create a powerful and accessible roadmap and guidebook. As a corporate coach, I use their resources with all my managers to help them excel in leadership — in their life and work and for the sake of those they lead. The BEabove Advanced Coaching Series is a must for the experienced coach.

George Rohrer

Life Strategy Coach, CPCC, MBA

In their “Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching” workshop series, Ursula and Ann have created a unique and profound co-active learning community in which they not only share the genius and depth of their vision and work but call it forth in those who attend as well.  This experience is far more than merely a “workshop.”  It is a transformational journey into the deepest realms of our being, one that is taken with pure honesty, humor and love.

On a practical level, expect to walk away with a extensive, highly innovative, yet very practical model and toolkit to apply the principles learned in coaching and in life.  But on a deeper more experiential level,  expect to “see” and “be seen”,  to connect with yourself and others from the place you truly reside, and to begin to integrate new paradigms about how and why we behave as we do — and maybe — to even see some miracles manifest right before your eyes!  Mostly, we discover how we can become the authors of our own transformation while as coaches we help others to do the same.

Shari Sachs

Co-Active coach

The advanced coaching training withUrsula and Ann was FANTASTIC!  I came expecting to get a new toolkit and that happened. I am especially excited that many of the tools do not require a “story” from the client and have the power to create radical change in a short time period. What surprised me about the workshop was how much personal transformation I experienced and the ripples it would create in my life.  That alone was worth the price of admission and then some!

Tim Mulosmanaj

Professional Coach and Speaker

Everyone should go to one of these workshops. EVERYONE on the planet, in the universe, and beyond. It was absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Vicki Cotter


Transformation, neuroscience, coaching, co-active, the brain, levels of consciousness, leadership effectiveness, toolkit resources, community, experiential learning, personal development – If this speaks to you for 1:1 and/or team development, then joining Ann and Ursula for their cutting edge Advanced Coach Training Workshop Series is a must for your calendar!

Post training, the gift has been in helping clients experientially embrace which of the “7 Levels of Effectiveness” they are in. Incorporating additional BEabove Leadership neuroscience tools, we then collaborate assisting the shift to a higher level of being – truly transformational! After all, it is in who we are being that determines the experience we are receiving…

Gisele Pilling

Executive Coach/Consultant