Can You Talk Me Off the Ledge?

Can You Talk Me Off the Ledge?

The joys of being best friends with a coach. Ann and Ursula got together recently to talk about the impact both being coaches has had on their personal relationship. ANN: Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine life without this woman! What do people do who don’t have a coach...

There’s Plenty of Room in the Sandbox

It just so happens that Ursula I get asked a lot about authors, books, and yes, other programs dealing with neuroscience and coaching. Over the years, we’ve worked to be both thoughtful and gracious in our response, even though the little girl inside is...

Trust Your Own Goodness

Hat’s off to all of us who are authentically on the growth and development journey. We become adept at acknowledging our dark sides, asking for feedback, and exploring all the shadows of our complicated souls. We know we are works in progress with much yet to...

Life Purpose: elusive or obvious?

I’ve knocked around the coaching world for nigh-on 15 years now, and, as such, have taught many classes on life purpose, taken people through endless guided visualizations, had numerous coaching sessions on the topic where we created cumbrous statements rich...

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