Interview with Ann about the Neuroscience of Consciousness

Emerging Consciousness Global Online Festival and Tami Mensh of Kaleidoscope Lounge and Coaching

Ann on the future of coaching and breaking the rules, in Choice Magazine, Fall 2017

Ann interviewed by the University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute on the future of coaching and its connection to mentoring.


Ann and Mandy Blake on Neuroscience and the Body


Ann and Ursula on the Body and Coaching, ICF Toronto


Ann interviewed about Neuroscience, Life Coaching, and Trusting Dreams, on the Courage Hub podcast


Ann on Leadership, Executive Coaching and the Brain 

How coaching changes the coach’s brain, Choice Magazine, October 2015

Click below for an article by Ann about how coaching changes the coach.

NOTE: there is a typo under the second point (Don’t Judge). The sentence reads: “…in cross-examination, you never ask a question you already know the answer to,” but it should read “you never ask a question you don’t already know the answer to.”

Published in, and reproduced with permission from, choice, the magazine  of professional coaching  www.choice-online.com

The Neuroscience of Being In The Zone

by Ursula Pottinga | webinar with ICF Ohio Valley

Thank you so much for your coaching during the Ohio Valley session last month. I’ve listened to the recording a couple of times, and also had another coaching session with one of the coaches who participated in that session.

It was an honor to have you coach me. I have been to your sessions at the Midwest Regional Conferences and your “Neuroscience and Consciousness” work has informed my coaching and now my life.”

Lyne Tumlinson


"Putting the Wizards to Work" for ICFLA, December 2018

by Ann Betz | How to put your clients' (and your own) internal "wizards" to work to help find answers, insights and inspiration.

"The Neuroscience of the Woo-Woo" for ICFLA, August, 2015

by Ann Betz | The myths that can stop us from really going for it in coaching, and why neuroscience backs up our more "out there" techniques.

Neuroplasticity, Dieting and Weight Loss

by Ann Betz, VIBE 105.5FM, Toronto, October, 2015 | Sandra Elia interviews Ann on the role of the brain in weight loss.

Spirit + Energy Podcast

Ann shares ideas on consciousness and the intersection of neuroscience and transformation

Coaching Tool

Ann demonstrates a coaching tool for your client’s prefrontal cortex

New Book: Integration

Ann interviewed about her new book, Integration, on Voice of Evolution Radio


Brain Power

Ann featured in Oracle magazine: “Neuroscience shows that good management is a matter of the mind.”

Human Intuition System

Ann on the Human Intuition System (ICF Coaching World Magazine, page 24)