Advanced Coaching Series: OVERVIEW

Neuroscience, Consciousness, and Transformational Coaching

Approved for ICF CCEUs!

A four-module training for the advanced* coach, covering the latest research in the neuroscience of human development, innovative, brain-based coaching tools, and a road map for conscious evolution.

*Prerequisite: classroom trained by an ICF accredited coaching school. A Certification is NOT required.

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With the maturity of the coaching profession, it’s time for a coaching program designed specifically for experienced coaches, offering depth and rigor, and addressing both the art and science of coaching. It’s also time for coaches and their clients to understand why and how coaching works, based on current scientific research and the developing understanding of the brain.

BEabove Leadership’s “7 Levels of Effectiveness” is powerful road map to consciousness and higher levels of effectiveness in all areas of life. Co-founders Ann and Ursula bring in cutting-edge neuroscience to ground this theory scientifically, as well as drawing on their combined 30 years of coaching and training to make it all real, applicable, and highly useful as a coach.

This program was invigorating, transformational and fun! Ann and Ursula, both master teachers, delivered the content with grace and joy, and we were constantly engaged and actively processing and applying our new knowledge. Who knew learning about neuroscience could be so fun and interactive? I highly recommend this artfully integrated and inspirational training to anyone who is ready to shake things up, break things open, and try out some brilliant new tools in their coaching practice. ~Kara Schommer, Director of Programs, Neighborhood House

This program powerfully weaves the three strands of coaching, consciousness and practical, irrefutable neuroscience together, taking you through an inside-out process so that you understand it deeply in your core. This series is transformative in nature, giving you both highly effective new tools as a coach and deepened personal awareness as a human being. Classes are highly experiential, with many multi-sensory techniques for learning and remembering the complexities of the brain. If you’re a science geek, you’ll love the rigor and applicability of the information. If you’re a creative type, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to play right in the brain and the easy-to-use tools.

The models I learned in this course have given me the language to explain why we react in certain ways, and why things in life sometime feel like they’re flowing while other times we feel stuck. Most importantly, this program has provided me with a way of explaining what is possible. Surprisingly, I don’t have to dig to much into explanation and everyone that I’ve shared this with gets it, because it is part of our human experience. The understanding of how the brain works is fabulous! ~Carolina Zuleta, Director, E-Team and Training, Engaged Health Solutions

Why do this class?

  • Because you would love to have a scientifically grounded understanding of human development and transformation;
  • Because you would love to be able to demystify coaching and have scientific proof for its effectiveness based on the impact on the brain;
  • Because you’d like to know more about what is critical in coaching and what is not based on the brain’s response and the client’s level of consciousness;
  • Because you’d like to know how to coach clients at every level of awareness, including those who have grown out of coaching;
  • Because you want to learn about neuroscience in a fun, playful and integrated way, AND you want to learn more about coaching in a rigorous, clear, scientifically grounded way;
  • Because you believe that coaching is fundamentally about creating more than change, it’s about transformation; and
  • Because you’re already a great coach, and because you’re a coach, you always want to learn more!

REQUIREMENTS This program is designed for experienced coaches: those who hold a credential from any accredited coach training school, all coaches who hold an ICF credential, and also coaches who have completed coach training, but who do not yet hold a professional credential.
PROGRAM CONTENT This four day program is designed as the first module of a two-part series. Each module deepens and builds on the previous work. Modules need to be taken in sequence. An intensive program (all modules together) is available in Santa Fe, NM. 
MODULE ONE: Effectiveness and Change and MODULE TWO: The Power of Integration (prerequisite: Module One)

Module One: Topics include:

  • The Seven Levels of Effectiveness—a model of human development. Brain and neurobiological changes at each level. Coaching tools and strategies for different levels of awareness.
  • Neuroplasticity—the art and science of creating lasting change. What does it take, how does it work? The current research on brain growth and health. Coaching tools for creating positive neuroplasticity.
  • The Pre-Frontal Cortex—the most advanced part of our brain. The delicate chemical balance and how it is impacted by stress. Tools and strategies for managing stress. How to help your client stay at maximum brain effectiveness.
  • Experiential exercises and practical tools for using this knowledge directly in your coaching practice:
    • Help your clients shift more easily in ways that stick
    • Understand how each of the core skills and tools of a professional coach are working in your client’s brain, so that you can use them even more effectively 

Module Two: Topics include:

  • The Right and Left Hemisphere—the classic polarities of our brain, how to move clients from chaos and rigidity to freedom and structure.
  • The Default Mode and Task Positive Networks—why it’s so hard to be and do at the same time, tools for incorporating both more effectively.
  • Integration and Effectiveness—the power of becoming more integrated in many brain regions, its link to effectiveness, tools and strategies for working with clients.
  • Saboteurs and Limiting Beliefs—where they live in the brain and how neuroscience can help your clients identify and transform areas of habitual negativity and disempowerment.


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Ann and Ursula, of BeAbove Leadership, have integrated consciousness and coaching with the latest findings in the field of neuroscience to create a powerful and accessible roadmap and guidebook. As a corporate coach, I use their resources with all my managers to help them excel in leadership — in their life and work and for the sake of those they lead. The BEabove Advanced Coaching Series is a must for the experienced coach. – George Rohrer, Life Strategy Coach, CPCC, MBA

26 ICF Core Competency CCEUS for Module One and Two.

MODULE THREE: CONNECTION AND INTUITION and MODULE FOUR: ENERGY AND PRESENCE, four-day intensive (prerequisite: Modules One and Two)

Topics include:

  • The Human Intuition System—a complex interrelated network of below-consciousness information. Demystifying intuition and finding new ways of knowing, including the heart and gut brains, the vagus nerve, sensory cues, and more.
  • The Brain-Mind-Body Connection—how to tap into the body’s awareness, exploration of somatic coaching, expanding awareness of how we “think.”
  • Our Social and Interconnected Brain—how we impact and are impacted by each other in ways we are not always consciously aware of.
  • Human Wounds and Healing Fields—groundbreaking research from the field of psychoneuroimmunology on how our early experiences shape our brains and biology, including breakthrough techniques for shifting early trauma.
  • The Coach’s Intention and Belief—impacting your clients from your intention.
  • Mindfulness, Attention and Presence—the latest research on mindfulness, new tools and strategies for working with clients.
  • Consciousness and Conscious Creation—Accessing broader fields of consciousness, the collective brain beyond the individual brain, creating from “WE.”
  • Evolving Past Coaching—What’s next? How to coach clients who have evolved past coaching: coaching as a conversation for continuous evolution
26 ICF Core Competency CCEUS


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