Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching Certification Program

Prerequisite: Completion (or currently registered and will complete before start date of first call) of all four modules of the Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching program


CNTC Certification is offered as a 18 week virtual class–see available dates and times below

  • The 18 week class will include the following:
    • 14 one-hour 15-minute group sessions, structured as follows:
      • 20-25 minutes discussion / how to work with that week’s tool/concept
      • 15 minutes coaching (a different person coaches each class), using the current week’s topic or tool
      • 20 minutes feedback from pod leader and group / debrief of tool
      • 15 minutes Q&A
    • One one-hour open call at the midpoint of the program for topics of choice by the pod
    • Three one-hour triad calls to practice coaching and receive feedback (without leaders)
  • Seven 30-minute recordings by Ann and Ursula on key topics in the program
  • Each pod will have only 6 people, for maximum participation and discussion
  • Weekly readings, action and reflection homework, posted in closed FB group

ICF CCEUs: 17 Core Competencies and 6 Resource Development

  • Written exam on key concepts (pass/fail)
  • Oral exam – 30 minutes (with Ann and Ursula):
    • PART ONE: Theory – how do you explain key concepts simply to clients?
    • PART TWO: Practice – coaching using a brain/consciousness tool


  • 5 coaching clients to practice brain tools on; 20 hours coaching during program
  • Complete homework, participate in Facebook community

TUITION for program and exams: $2095, see registration below.

DESIGNATION upon completion: Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (CNTC)

Becoming a Certified NeuroTransformational Coach has motivated me to be a better coach, to keep pushing and challenging and love my clients even harder. Since last December when we started, I realize that people get really interested when I talk about the brain or neural pathways or habits or hemispheres. They ask questions, they give examples from their own lives, they listen….and….they hire me!!!

D.M, coach and personal trainer

BENEFITS: In addition to really practicing and becoming more masterful using and explaining the tools to client, going deeper with the content and processes of the CNTC program:

  • Upon completion, certified CNTCs will be listed on our website so that people can look for coaches with a neuroscience background and training.
  • Access to quarterly webinars that focuses on business development and also answers questions on neuroscience topics as well as our own tools.
  • Enrollment into our Affiliate Program.
  • RECOMMENDED but not required: participation in the BEabove NeuroTransformational individual coaching program.

Cost for Program $2,095


* In-person certification is not being offered at this time. However, certification is included in our Virtual Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching series. Learn more here.