All Certified NeuroTransformational Coaches have first completed a recognized coach training program* before completing all four modules of BEabove Leadership’s Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching, a total of over 81 classroom hours (in addition to their core coach training). Upon completion of these modules, our certified coaches have then completed a rigorous Certification Program, which includes additional reading, review, coaching supervision and feedback. At the end of this program, they must pass a comprehensive written test (essay format) covering key neuroscience topics, as well as a one-to-one interview and coaching proficiency test. We’re very proud to recommend all our CNTCs as transformational coaches and experts in the neuroscience of human development.

*in some rare cases, they may instead be trained as therapists — see individual information for more detail.

Deb Elbaum, MD, CPCC, CNTC
Deb Elbaum Coaching
Deb works with leaders and professionals who know that they way they 'show up' matters. She helps them make decisions and create change calmly and confidently, and in alignment with their values, priorities, and purpose.

A coach, author, and speaker, Deb works with leaders and professionals who feel stuck and want tools to help them think effectively. With neuroscience and holistic training, she brings a wide array of strategies, exercises, and tools to help people create professional and personal change. Through coaching, her clients move from uncertainty to clarity, from narrowed to broadened thinking, and from anxiety to calm.

Deb has a deep understanding of career transition. A former physician, she used to work as a medical writer. This work was fine, but not fulfilling. One day, she decided to make a change. It took courage to leave her previous career and build a new one. Seeking to combine her strengths with her purpose, Deb became certified as a coach and founded her own coaching company. She loves coaching and sees the measurable impact of this work in her clients' lives every day.

Her clients immediately put what they learn from coaching sessions into practice. With the support of coaching, they:

*Take on new leadership roles

*Trust their big decisions

*Improve their relationships

*Recognize how they can create balance in their life

*Find new jobs and careers that excite them

When Deb works with clients, she starts with the 'big picture' -- what a client's values, strengths, and purpose are. That's because Deb believes that 'we can't know where we're going, until we know who and where we are.'

In addition to the big picture, Deb and her clients get tactical and create action steps each session that are designed to be fun and empowering. This process of learning and doing -- based on neuroscience principles -- is what creates change.

Deb's clients say that she is supportive, insightful, and focused. They appreciate her optimistic outlook, the questions she asks, and the new perspectives she brings.

For more information and to learn about coaching with Deb Elbaum, please contact her for a 30-minute complimentary phone consultation.

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