BEabove Leadership: always searching, always provocative, always interested in what’s next…….

A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to move toward higher levels.”

~ Albert Einstein

Lights Of Human MindWelcome to BEabove Leadership — personal, group and organizational transformation specialists. At BEabove, we help people understand that the most important thing is not what we DO, but who we ARE.

Through our Seven Levels of Effectiveness, we provide a road map of human effectiveness which elegantly and clearly shows us not only where we are, but where we want to go to find that new level of thinking so badly needed in today’s world. We undergird this roadmap with current research on neuroscience and psychology, providing an easy to understand comprehensive model of human transformation.

Click here for information on our flagship program, The Advanced Coaching Series–Neuroscience, Consciousness, and Transformational Coaching.

In our workshops, organizational consulting, keynote presentations and individual coaching, we help you discover how to identify and shift your level of effectiveness, propelling you, your team, and your organization towards increased productivity and satisfaction.

Contact us with questions or for  more information on how we can help your or your organization.

I had the distinct pleasure of attending Ursula and Ann’s workshop – Coaching, Consciousness and The Brain! – at CTI’s Co-Active Summit in February, 2011 and I have to say it was amazing. Of course content and course design are critical elements of a successful workshop, which Ursula and Ann put together in a very evocative and experiential way. Yet, what took this workshop from great to outstanding was their ability to hold everyone’s attention with humor, thoughtfulness, authenticity and passion for their work. If you have the chance to attend or participate in Ursula and Ann’s BEabove work, you will be giving yourself a wonderful, stimulating and growth provoking experience.

Karl Sniady, former President Coaches Training Institute


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