4-session webinar for coaches

Managing the Bossy Brain

Learn how to help your clients more easily find fulfillment, success and peace by learning powerful neuroscience-based ways to deal with that darn boss in their heads.

Platform: video (pre-recorded)

6 CCEUs (4 Core Competency, 2 Resource Dev.)

Help Your Clients Recalibrate for More Effectiveness

Sometimes we like to start workshops by asking participants two questions—what do you like about your brain, and how does it drive you crazy at times? The answers to the first are varied and rich. The answers to the second often revolve around how at times their brain seems to boss them around, devalue their dreams and ideas, and generally do its best to get in their way.

Our work in neuroscience over the years has shown us that our brain gets “bossy” or less effective when it is out of balance. Therefore, the most effective way to manage it is NOT to banish parts of ourselves, but to understand how certain brain areas or networks may have become over-calibrated. And when we activate the counterpart to this area, our system can come back to equilibrium—which not only brings with it a noticeable increase in effectiveness in every area of life, but is actually the key to real fulfillment.

Experience the key areas of brain over-calibration, and how they keep our clients from ease, effectiveness and fulfillment

Learn how true fulfillment is the natural outflow of brain integration

Explore new ideas for integration, inhibition, disruption, observation and calibration

Receive four NEW tools to help clients integrate key areas/networks in their brain

What You’ll Learn

Session One:

What is Integration?

In this session we explore the complexities and power of looking at integration as, in the words of Dr. Dan Siegel, the “linkage of differentiated elements.” We’ll explore: 

  • The role of differentiation and linkage;
  • How this works in the brain—and what happens when we are dis-integrated in key brain areas/networks;
  • How this works in our relationships; and
  • A new tool for assessing levels of integration in key areas.

Session Two:

The Power of Inhibition

As coaches, we may tend to think of “inhibition” as something our clients need to get over in order to be fully self-expressed. In this session, we’ll look at the power of strategically used inhibition; how, by partnering key brain areas, we keep the bossy brain from taking over. We’ll look at:

  • How each part/system of the brain both links with and inhibits its counterpart to create balance;
  • What happens when key regions and networks are not inhibited; 
  • How to find the calibration of inhibition that allows the true power and gift of each brain area or network; and
  • A new tool for positive inhibition.

Session Three:

Positive Disruption

Experienced coaches know (and celebrate) the positive disruption of the coaching process. From a neuroscience perspective, our clients come to us with many existing neural pathways that may or may not be serving them—some of these pathways may have the client “tilt” towards certain brain areas or networks, creating less integration than is optimal. In this session, we’ll explore:

  • How the reward circuit of the brain keeps our clients reinforcing neural pathways that no longer serve them;
  • Easy ways to help clients create pathways for integration; 
  • When and how to disrupt a client’s clinging to the status quo (or what we call “consensus reality”) when it is blocking their joy and fulfillment; and
  • A new tool for disruption that your clients will LOVE.

    Session Four:

    Observing and Calibrating

    Our ability to integrate, inhibit, and find the most powerful calibration in the moment is inherently linked to our capacity to be an observer of the process. Our clients need to know what their own cues are that things may have tipped to far one direction or another. In this session, we’ll look at how to help clients strengthen their observer capacity and calibrate their brains even in the middle of difficult circumstances. We’ll explore:

    • Typical keys and cues that one brain area/network may be trying to take over;
    • How to strengthen the observer-mind network in the brain;
    • Simple tricks to recalibrate in the moment; and
    • A new tool for observation and calibration. 


      4 videos, 90 minutes each


      This webinar is for professional coaches of all backgrounds. The tools and ideas offered are designed to build on existing training and experience.

      Cost: $50

       The tools and processes you will receive are for one-to-one use in coaching. View our copyright and permissions policy. Contact [email protected] if you have questions.