Recently at BEabove we’ve encountered some people who have been unfair, unreasonable and ultimately very difficult to tolerate, much less love. So we’ve worked, been coached, used our many tools, processed and monster15pondered, and lo and behold, uncovered the blessing. Every time. And we’re not talking spiritual bypass here where everything gets polished and presented as “all good.” We’re talking the muddy messy turn yourself inside out OMG wow sort of learning you never ever forget.

For example, I had the blessing of having a landlord not return a very large security deposit. I’ll skip the nitty gritty (entertaining as it is) but suffice it to say that it was a lot of money, and there is no doubt I deserve to have it back. And through this process I got to see — in TECHNICOLOR — a graphic illustration of what happens when I shut my intuition down because I want something.

I never felt right about the guy. It was clear he was a troubled soul from the moment I met him, someone I never should have done business with. And I knew it. But the house was so cute and SHUT UP intuition, I want this. It will be fine.

But it wasn’t. I loved my little house and I lived there for four years, under a cloud of having to deal with this guy. The only way to get him to do the basic things a landlord should was to threaten to leave or not pay rent. So I ended up resorting to tactics I hate because no matter what I did “above the line” he did not respond. Grrrr. It was a never-ending source of stress, and now that I don’t live there any longer, I find myself thinking again and again that I wish I had left sooner.

And this, my friends, is what happens when I don’t listen to my intuition. Wow. I have learned, in a way I will never forget, that my intuition knows and I need to listen–even (and perhaps especially) if it is telling me something I don’t want to hear. That’s the lesson of a lifetime for me, and definitely worth the damage deposit (but don’t worry, I’m still suing him).

During this landlord saga, which took much processing, venting, tears, and gnashing of teeth, Ursula was also struggling with a huge challenge and arrived at similar OMG what a blessing place. So one afternoon, as we were each breathing huge sighs of relief at being once again in a place of peace, we realized that we will always find the blessing. At some point it will be clear why this — whatever it is — was perfect. So we said to each other, well duh, we could save ourselves a whole lot of angst if we just shortened the gap. Why not embrace the blessing now. We know we’re going to eventually so why wait?

So “embrace the blessing now” is our new catch-phrase. And it doesn’t mean ignore it, buff it up and tie it in a lovely “it’s all good” bow. For us it means going right up to that monster and giving it a big thank you hug. Even saying, “I know you have a blessing for me, what is it?” And then listening, and trusting. Why not?

And if you’re still with me, you’re probably the sort of person yourself who will find the blessing at some point.

Why not now?