Aspects of Mastering Energy Fields and Staying Above the Line 


  • As we increase in awareness, we increase in sensitivity so energy fields affect us more strongly and quickly.
  • As we increase in awareness, however, we also develop a greater ability to recover to our hearts more fully and more quickly, even when in a negative or toxic energy field. This is because we strengthen our “observer mind,” the ability to notice our emotions but not act from or be ruled by them.
  • At some point, we recover so quickly (even immediately) that the negative energy field has little or no impact.
  • We also develop greater ability to discern which situations and groups will be life-affirming and which will be not, as well as the courage, integrity and intention to surround ourselves with life-affirming energy. In other words, we develop a zero-tolerance policy for toxicity.

2) INTERPERSONAL (building on everything in #1)

  • When we need to be in relationship with a toxic person, over time, with commitment and patience, the higher vibration will dominate. It may seem like the other (more negative or toxic) energy is “winning” as we react to its pull by feeling upset, angry, or afraid (and remember, the higher your own vibration, the more you will be impacted by negativity), but each time we come back to ourselves we reset our own (higher) field.
  • Breathing, walking away, waiting to respond to an email, venting to someone else with the intention of letting it go, setting a firm boundary without reacting, meditating on compassion, etc. will all help to reset your own field.
  • Over time your own loving energy will eventually impact the field between you. It may take longer than you think it should, but it doesn’t really matter because it isn’t about them anyway. It’s about who you want to be in your own life.

3) GROUP (building on #1 and #2)

  • This is the trickiest one, because energy fields are co-creative and will absorb people into their vibration or spit them out. We call this the “centrifuge effect.” A highly vibrational being in a strongly negative system will usually not change the system on their own. They may, over time, influence enough particles in the system (see #2 above) that it changes, but often get discouraged and leave or become part of the negativity themselves before this happens.
  • Awareness and intention about maintaining your own energy field within a group is key. The questions to keep in mind are:
    • What is the energy I am experiencing?
    • Will I shape or be shaped by this energy? What is my intention?
    • Can I maintain my own positive energy field within this system or group, or not?
  • If you can’t maintain your higher vibration within a particular group or system, staying in it is a soul death and a betrayal of the world. Your positive energy is what is most needed by humanity.
  • Ultimately, the highest vibrations impact groups more easily and more profoundly – and this is the intention we need to practice in the world. Here are a few ways to help shape the energy of a group or system:
    • Set intentions ALL THE TIME – be conscious and intentional in all your interactions. Set an intention before every meeting, at the start of every day, before every conversation. Who are you committed to being?
    • Get partners. Not for collusion and complaint, but to intentionally shape energy with you. Design alliances intentionally. Allow for the negative energy and then move it to a higher place. Call out the best in others and find the ones in the group who already think like you.
    • Don’t forget the power of the universe. Call it God, the angels, whatever you like. Ask for help.

4) ONENESS—the Ultimate Paradox

  • All that having been said, there is no one “out there” anyway. Every difficult, toxic person or field you encounter is part of you, as is every joyous, enlightened, delightful one.
  • The more we heal in ourselves, the more we embrace and love our own darkness, the less we encounter in the world.



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