Certified NeuroTransformational Coach (CNTC)

All Certified NeuroTransformational Coaches have first completed a recognized coach training program* before completing all four modules of BEabove Leadership’s Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching, a total of over 81 classroom hours (in addition to their core coach training). Upon completion of these modules, our certified coaches have then completed a rigorous Certification Program, which includes additional reading, review, coaching supervision and feedback. At the end of this program, they must pass a comprehensive written test (essay format) covering key neuroscience topics, as well as a one-to-one interview and coaching proficiency test. We’re very proud to recommend all our CNTCs as transformational coaches and experts in the neuroscience of human development.

*in some rare cases, they may instead be trained as therapists — see individual information for more detail.

Career/Life Transition

Janaki Bakshi, B.A., CPCC, ACC, CNTC
Janaki has been working as a coach and consultant since 2007 and creates breakthrough transformative work for her clients. She is known
for her unique ability to connect deeply with people and is adept at working with people of different backgrounds and cultures.
Jennifer Riggs, JD, CNTC
In this complex era of change, with growing demands on our time, it becomes critical to develop leadership from the inside out, to strengthen and sustain it without sacrificing self. When we become mindful leaders, we are able to respond to external pressures without losing our center. We improve our impact on those around us, our work, and the world.
Kelly Lynch
Kelly Lynch, CPCC, CNTC is a certified leadership coach and facilitator with a private coaching and leadership development practice. One of Kelly’s passions is looking at the science of our brain when we’re spending time in nature. Kelly’s other practice is co-leading western-style, experiential retreats in the wild nature of Wyoming.
Kelsey Berg
Kelsey Berg is the founder of Morgan Coaching & Consulting, providing services such as HR Consulting, Coaching, Onboarding, and Management and Leadership Development Programs. She works with a wide variety of mid-career and executive level clients, focusing on 1-1 coaching designed to help clients meet their goals and become more successful, focused, and strong. Together, they build the skills needed to support lasting change by combining neuroscience, consciousness and brain-based coaching.
Linda Yach
Linda is a movement enthusiast who loves to combine coaching with walking as an option for her clients. She works with those who want to move forward and make shifts in both their health and other transitional areas of their lives, but find themselves in a time crunch, thinking that they have to choose either exercise or personal fulfillment.
Mark T Scannell
Mark Scannell specializes in coaching people struggling with addictions and searching for recovery. Mark works with the impact of addiction on the brain and what studies of the brain can bring to people in recovery.
Mary J. Murphy
For over thirty years Mary has worked as a highly successful consultant and coach with business and government clients providing them with strategic guidance around critical career and organizational challenges as well as helping them build healthy organizational relationships.
Michele Goedde, B.A., M.A, CPCC, CNTC
Michele is known to be fearless, passionate and playful with her clients. She uses her deep understanding of human behavior, neuroscience and the importance of understanding what is valued to help clients build a clear path to change.
Nicola Payne CPCC, CNTC
Nicola is a senior HR Leader & Coach based in London in the UK. She works with people who get to a stage in life and think “is this it?” She helps them rediscover what they truly want; rewire their thoughts and renew their life, work and relationships.
Sally Wei, CNTC, ICF PCC, CPCC, Facilitator
Sally deeply understands and empathizes with the internal dynamics of leaders, families, teams and organization systems. She has devoted her professional life to transforming & blooming people/leaders, relationships, families and teams!

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