All Certified NeuroTransformational Coaches have first completed a recognized coach training program* before completing all four modules of BEabove Leadership’s Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching, a total of over 81 classroom hours (in addition to their core coach training). Upon completion of these modules, our certified coaches have then completed a rigorous Certification Program, which includes additional reading, review, coaching supervision and feedback. At the end of this program, they must pass a comprehensive written test (essay format) covering key neuroscience topics, as well as a one-to-one interview and coaching proficiency test. We’re very proud to recommend all our CNTCs as transformational coaches and experts in the neuroscience of human development.

*in some rare cases, they may instead be trained as therapists — see individual information for more detail.

Nicola Payne CPCC, CNTC

Nicola Payne CPCC, CNTC
Nicola Payne CPCC, CNTC
People Savvy
Nicola is a senior HR Leader & Coach based in London in the UK. She works with people who get to a stage in life and think “is this it?” She helps them rediscover what they truly want; rewire their thoughts and renew their life, work and relationships.

One to one coaching with Nicola gives you the luxury of time and space – just for you.  She works with you as you step out of your day-to-day routine to:

*Re-discover what you truly want.  What your heart and soul are longing for.

*Re-wire your thinking, habits or patterns of behaviour to help you move forward, often bursting through deep-rooted, limiting beliefs it’s time to say goodbye to.

*Renew your life, work and relationships.  Creating practical strategies to get more of what you want NOW.  Not waiting for some perfect day in the future.

Nicola’s 20 years’ experience as an HR Leader and Coach means she quickly connects with people and gets to the heart of the matter.  She has the credentials and just as importantly, a wealth of practical experience with people and organizations.  She has:

*Operated as part of senior management teams
*Led complex change programs
*Coached and advised senior leaders
*Mentored loads of people coming up through the ranks

This insight into corporate life means Nicola gets how things work!   She gets the constant pressure to do more, the different personalities and political undercurrents often at play.

As the first Be-above licensed trainer in the UK, Nicola also offers tailored neuroscience and consciousness programs for corporations that are keen to develop effective employees and teams.

People describe Nicola as intuitive, warm, energetic, challenging and above all supportive, so to find out more, visit her website or email Nicola using the form below.

London, England
Date Certified:
May 2016
Languages Spoken:

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