1398812_10201749143862642_1006418220_oI’ve knocked around the coaching world for nigh-on 15 years now, and, as such, have taught many classes on life purpose, taken people through endless guided visualizations, had numerous coaching sessions on the topic where we created cumbrous statements rich with metaphor, and even researched where it might live in the brain.

I’m done.

There is only one purpose, and I’m tired of pretending it is otherwise. And honestly, all the metaphors and visualizations and conversations all came to this: our purpose–really–is to increase the level of consciousness on the planet. Call it transformation, call it inspiration, call it motivating people to wake up, call it helping create lives of meaning, call it what you will.

Our purpose is to increase the level of consciousness on the planet.

Now, how you chose to do that, who you want to work with, and who you tap into being as you engage, that’s up to you. And my big question here, is what is your delight? I for some odd reason find neuroscience completely delightful, inspiring, and a big ol’ turn on. I do not by any means expect the rest of the world to do the same. But for those who do, I’m here. And the reason–and trust me, it is the only reason–I do neuroscience is that it is a way to help increase the level of consciousness on the planet.

Because if it were for some other reason–my own fame, access to well-paying work, being cool and special–it wouldn’t be enough to keep me in the game. Only consciousness and the hope that I am in some way helping people increase their awareness, effectiveness and connection to their hearts, keeps me going.

In his book, The Master Game, author Robert de Ropp says, “Seek, above all, for a game worth playing.” I believe that we, as conscious humans, are ever seeking this, the game worth playing. And ultimately, our fulfillment can be found in the one true purpose of our existence: to be a part of the efforts to increase the level of consciousness on the planet.

And may we all be increasingly delighted by the many ways we find to do this.