Back by popular demand! This playful, powerful, fun and funny half day of pure intention and magical synchronicity is coming again to Minneapolis on January 27.

Not only is January bringing, as usual, a whole new year, it is a year surrounded by mystery. By January, we predict we will  have survived the end of the Mayan calendar (if not, all registration payments will be cheerfully refunded) and will be smack in the middle of energy shifting around us and in us. Our friend Wes Hamilton, a master numerologist, says 2013 is all about setting ourselves free for new and amazing possibilities.

Join us for a rich, deep and fulfilling afternoon as we look at how we each want to step into this new year and new world.  We’ll use meditation, art and some fabulous new tools for personal discovery and setting intentions.

There’s never been a more important time to create an intentional future for yourself and for the world!

 Sunday, January 27, 2012
 1 to 5 p.m.
 New location: (the office of “Frank”)
612 W. 27th Street // Minneapolis, MN // 55408
 $55 per person; $100 per couple

For more information, email Ursula at [email protected]