AT BEabove, everything we do is grounded in what we call the “Seven Levels of Personal, Group, and Organizational Effectiveness” (see our page on the Seven Levels for descriptions of the levels). This theory, based on the research of Dr. David Hawkins (Power vs. Force and other publications) says, at its most basic level, that everything in the universe has a vibrational frequency. From basic life to the highest exalted thought or deed, everything exists at a measurable level of consciousness. And it is this level of consciousness, this vibrational field, that dictates everything’s ultimate impact.

In our early days, Ursula coined a phrase that we still use: “who you are being are the results you are getting.” We love this, because it works in either direction — do you want to know what kind of results you will have? Look first to who you are being. Do you want to know (really) who you are being? Look at the results you are getting. This is how vibrational fields work. They shape things. You can want and long for and intend a good result all you like, but if who you are being is “below the line” in Hopelessness, Fear or Frustration, what you create will be in alignment with those levels. And vice versa, you may (like some of our clients) think good things just sort of randomly happen, but if who you were being was “above the line” in Courage, Engagement or even higher, your field played a role in shaping the positive results.

Recently I was trying to explain how this looks in an organizational setting. One of my clients just got a new position after doing everything she could to make things work in her old one. She kept trying to turn herself inside out to make her department run better, but hit brick wall after brick wall. “I know I am part of the problem!” she kept saying. This is interesting, and I certainly don’t want to dismiss it as a useful place to look in coaching. AND sometimes no matter what you do, you can’t change things.

Being from Minnesota, the best analogy I can think of in the moment is a Jell-O mold. But it works. Think of a vibrational field as a container, like a Jell-O ring mold. Everything which gets poured in is shaped by this container, molded by it. If it is a positive, life-giving container, we are shaped that way. If it is a negative, mistrustful container, we are shaped that way. To shift things we must change the container. We must move to a different level of effectiveness.

At BEabove, this is the core of our work — helping people understand the vibrational level they are in and then giving them tools for shifting. Deceptively simple, endlessly complex!


~Ann, December 2011, Minneapolis