8-week webinar series

The Neuroscience of Transformation for Coaches

Understand how coaching creates higher levels of effectiveness, lasting insights and change, and a more aligned and integrated brain.

LIVE series, beginning February 19, 2019

8 ICF CCEUS (4.5 Core, 3.5 Resource Development)

Join us for an eight-session series for coaches who want to help their clients access higher levels of personal and organizational effectiveness–through the power of both neuroscience and a revolutionary model of consciousness. In this series, we’ll explore:


How effectiveness increases through the mechanism of integration, and why coaching is the best tool to help anyone become more integrated in various areas of the brain (and life).


Why consciousness isn’t just an nice idea, but can actually be explained through cutting-edge, rigorous neuroscience.


How the brain can over-calibrate in various ways (for example, getting lost in chaos or rigidity) and how to help your clients return to an integrated, more effective center.


How to disrupt habitual patterns and rewire the brain for lasting positive change.


Brand-new research on the power of predictions, expectations, and bias – and the impact of emotional “granularity.”



What’s the most productive amount of stress, how does this impact the brain, and how you can help your clients find their powerful, stable “just right.”

Your Leaders

Ann Betz and Ursula Pottinga are the co-founders of BEabove Leadership, a seventeen-year partnership focused on exploring the intriguing edges of what is next in human development. In this fun, interactive and playful live (and recorded for later viewing as well) webinar, they share with you both the theory behind helping clients increase their effectiveness as well as practical, useful coaching tools to help them go there!

Sessions One and Two:

The Neuroscience of Transformation

  • The Seven Levels of Effectiveness model
  • The brain “above the line” and “below the line”
  • The role of Integration in effectiveness/consciousness
  • Practical coaching tool for helping clients understand where they are and how to shift

Sessions Three and Four:

The Mechanisms of Change

  • The magic of neuroplasticity
  • The basic function, when it works, when it doesn’t
  • The five keys to neuroplasticity, how to assess and use with clients
  • Practical coaching tool for helping clients rewire an entrenched habit or thought pattern

Sessions Five and Six:

The Science of Emotion

  • How emotions are made
  • The power of prediction
  • The role of bias and expectation
  • The criticality of “granularity”
  • Practical coaching tool for helping clients refocus their predictions and therefore their emotions

Sessions Seven and Eight:

The Higher Brain and Stress

  • The prefrontal cortex and the impact of stress
  • The science behind coaching and stress management
  • Understanding the role of “good stress”
  • Practical coaching tool for helping clients understand and work towards their “just right” amount of stress

This live program is designed to be highly engaging and interactive through the use of Zoom as our convening platform (and if you can’t make any sessions live and/or want to review, all will be recorded).

Each week will include both theory and practice, and you’ll receive a comprehensive handbook with background materials and coaching instructions.

Four well-tested coaching tools are demonstrated in the program, and there will be ample time to debrief and dig into these so you are ready to use them with your own clients immediately.

Requirements: program is for coaches of any background, and requires ability to connect through Zoom either by phone or web. There is an optional Facebook group as well for sharing and questions throughout the program.

Save Your Spot!

Dates: February 19, 26, March 5, 12, 19, 26, April 2, 9

Time: Tuesdays, 11 am to noon EST

*Price includes complete program + handouts