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The Power of…. Hopelessness?

This is a strange blog to write, and you’re really going to have to bear with us here as we explain, but lately Ursula and I have been playing in the energy field of Hopelessness, and finding it, well, liberating. At BEabove, we hold that each energy field of the Seven Levels of Effectiveness has […]

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The Dog in the Yard

We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.  ~The Talmud We have a saying at BEabove about the Seven Levels of Effectiveness: deceptively simple, endlessly complex. We’re constantly discovering new and interesting aspects to how the energy fields show themselves. One of my favorites is the whole arena of being a nice person. […]

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Some Thoughts About Consciousness and the Brain

“Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer.” ~Nassim Haramein One of the most discussed, studied, argued about and elusive topics in fields ranging from neuroscience to philosophy is the problem of consciousness. What is it, where is it, how do we know? In the 16th century René Descartes famously […]

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Hierarchy and Paradox

Ok, we admit it, it’s difficult to think of the 7 Levels of Effectiveness as anything other than hierarchical. They go from one to seven in order, and clearly, seven is better than one, right? One is an “F” in life and Seven must be an “A!” It’s a tricky thing, this linear thinking. In […]

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Watering the Tree of Friendship

My son, who you have all heard of from time to time, recently got his first summer job –ushering for the Minnesota Twins. What a great gig for a 17-year old. And it wasn’t like he went on an extensive search. His first interview (ever) and he was hired. These are, as you can imagine, […]

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Climbing Buddies

We evolve at the rate of the tribe we’re plugged into. ~Carolyn Myss There is a myth to which many of us still subscribe, that it is somehow better, or more noble, or “only counts” if we do it alone. I recently saw a woman on the news who had been out climbing in Colorado […]

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Coaching and Neuroscience — why what we do works

This paper, written for the Coaches Training Institute, explores the neuroscience links to Co-Active Coaching.   Co-Active Coaching and The Brain final

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There’s No Way Out But Through

So high, I can’t get over it So low, I can’t get under it So wide, I can’t get ’round it I gotta go through the door — Lyrics from the gospel hymn Rock My Soul I have been thinking a lot lately about the deep problem of heavy, dark, difficult energy. The emotions of […]

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