5-session webinar series

The Seven Levels Personal Transformation Webinar Series

This practical, scientifically-grounded experiential webinar series teaches participants of all ages and backgrounds how to recognize where they are on the scale of human effectiveness, and how to intentionally move themselves to more effective states of being.

Platform: live Zoom sessions

When: Tuesdays, 2-3 pm EST beginning Nov. 10, 2020

Learn to “Climb the Ladder” of Human Effectiveness

What is it to live, work, play and relate at different levels of effectiveness? Why is it that sometimes life seems to flow easily before us and other times we just don’t know how to deal with the curve balls life throws our way? Is there a way to get our hands on the wheel and thoughtfully and intentionally “wire in” the most stable, calm and effective response to whatever life brings?

For almost 20 years, BEabove Leadership co-founders Ann Betz and Ursula Pottinga have been exploring what it takes to “climb the ladder” of human effectiveness, including a deep dive into what happens in the brain and entire human system along the way. What is unique about their work is the powerful blend of both science and spirit, so that it speaks to both the head and heart of participants.

If you are wondering how to recognize where you are so that you can intentionally move yourself to more effective states of being, this practical, scientifically-grounded experiential webinar series is for you.

Open to curious people of all ages and backgrounds!

Our Guide: The Seven Levels

Guiding our work in this series is The Seven Levels of Effectiveness, a decisively simple yet endlessly complex system which elegantly maps the “come-from places” that are available to us at any given time, and that create our results in the world. They can also be understood as levels of consciousness, vibration, and energy.

Undergirding this roadmap is current research on neuroscience and psychology, creating an easy to understand, comprehensive model of human transformation.

In this series, you’ll learn a new framework and new vocabulary to identify where you and those around you are on the “ladder” of personal effectiveness, what’s happening in your brain in your current position, and most importantly, how to ascend to access higher levels.

For more on The Seven Levels, read our frequently asked questions.

Learn how identify where you are at any given time, and how to access higher levels of personal effectiveness

Discover powerful new tools and ideas to create the positive impact you desire

Understand your own brain and the brain of others better—effectively giving you a “User’s Manual” to the human brain

Develop a greater ability to take on any challenge and become a “YES” to life, no matter the circumstances

What You’ll Learn

Session One:

The Seven Levels and You

Explore your own experience with different levels of effectiveness, to find what resonates and where this points you in your life, work and relationships.

Session Two:

The Seven Levels and Your Brain

Learn the scientific grounding of this model and explore what happens in your own brain when you are in the different levels of effectiveness.

Session Three:

The Seven Levels and Your Emotions

Understand the critical role of the Seven Levels in terms of your internal emotional state and the impact you have, as well as how to recognize where you are and shift to more effective levels.

Session Four:

The Seven Levels and Your Personal Life

Explore how the Seven Levels are playing out in various areas of your life, including where you have shifted and what the next opportunity for development is.

Session Five:

The Seven Levels All Around You

Discover how the Seven Levels provide a lens through which we can view the world and people around us, developing clearer strategies for how we engage and create a more positive impact.


Five Sessions – Tuesdays, 2-3 pm EST

November 10, 17, and 24
December 8 and 15

Handouts and between-session personal reflection journal included.

Individual Registration: $150

Pair Registration: $250

 (friends, family, coach and client, etc.) We encourage pair registration so you can discuss between sessions!

 The tools and processes you will receive are for personal use. View our copyright and permissions policy. Contact [email protected] if you have questions.