Seven Levels Human Relationships Program

Deepening connection, improving communication, and enhancing understanding in romantic, family and professional relationships by diving into the principles of neuroscience and consciousness.

Even the most even-keeled partnerships occasionally run adrift, and we all need tools to keep us on course and relating in the most “above the line,” effective way. Understanding the critical elements and responses of the neurotypical brain—and how this links to higher levels of effectiveness—can help any relationship prosper, thrive, and access the most profound connection and creativity possible.

In this fun, funny, highly interactive and non-threatening class, partners of all kinds (romantic, business, family, friends) and individuals will learn more about typical brain states, how they impact communication and intimacy, and simple things to do to create more connection, openness and effective work, play, parenting and/or simply relating together.

Open to all, partners and family encouraged to attend together, but this is not required for participation.

ICF CCEUs: 8 Core Competencies, 4 Resource Development

All programs $100 off for any BEabove Neuroscience Consciousness and Transformational Coaching graduate or current program participant. Please contact Patricia to register.

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I attended the 7 Levels Human Relationship training solo and felt that it was as valuable to me as if I’d been there with a partner. In fact, using the tools to build relationships with new people was a powerful experience for me.

I especially loved the natural flow of the exercises. They felt easy and conversational, which allowed me to focus on connection rather than constantly referring to my manual to be certain I was “on the right step”

I’d recommend this training both for the content (which is rich and timely) and for the presentation skills of the leaders. They were adept at fielding questions and bringing in related perspectives. You can feel their passion for the material — and they make that passion contagious!

–S. S., California 2017

As a couple, this weekend was a fantastic way for us to develop our communication with each other and open our hearts up to why we fell in love so many years ago and how blessed we are to be together. The space that is created is fun, encouraging and experiential and will benefit any couple wishing to improve their connection and grow together. Not once did we feel like we were going into a judgmental or “pointing fingers” place. Instead, we traveled to territory that often times gets taken for granted or not nurtured, simply because our lives can move so quickly. We left with new ideas and ways to honor, acknowledge and cultivate our relationship. Thank you so much for this!
–D.M., California 2017