Neuroscience Intensive (for CNTCs)

brain_cells blue purpleNine-month virtual in-depth Neuroscience Intensive for Certified NeuroTransformational Coaches. 

OPTION ONE: 2016-2017 Review and Discussion

In 2016-2017, we piloted our first in-depth Neuroscience Intensive and it really blew our minds. It gave us the chance to go deep deep deep into almost everything we covered in Module One and Two of the NCTC program, and really explore the subtleties and interconnections of the brain’s astonishing complexity. We came out of the class with many more answers, many more questions and a huge appreciation for a vibrant and brilliant learning community who helped keep the conversation and learning around neuroscience and consciousness alive in our lives.

There are now 18 recordings from this nine-month class, along with readings, video links, and Ann’s own (often extensive) notes. This is available to any Certified NeuroTransformational Coach, along with a monthly discussion of the material which Ann facilitates.

Topics are as follows:

Call #1, Topic: Brain Anatomy, Part One, Call #2, Topic: Brain Anatomy, Part Two

Call #3, Topic: Priming and Selective Attention, Call #4, Topic: Confirmation Bias, Prediction Error, Dopamine

Call #5, Topic: Neuroplasticity, Part One: Emotions and Stress, Call #6, Topic: Neuroplasticity, Part Two: Five Keys

Call #7, Topic: PFC, Amy Arnsten lecture debrief, Call #8, Topic: Middle Prefrontal Functions and Neuroplasticity wrap-up

Call #9, Topic: Right Hemisphere / Left Hemisphere Part One, Call #10, Topic: Right Hemisphere / Left Hemisphere Part Two

Call #11, Topic: TPN and DMN, including TPN/DMN below the line!, Call #12, Topic: DMN and mind wandering with guest Jim Broadway

Call #13, Topic: Theory of Constructed Emotions, Call #14, Topic: Love 2.0, Emotions and DNA, Emotional Contagion

Call #15, Topic: His Brain, Her Brain (part one), Call #16, Topic: His Brain, Her brain (part two), Culture and the Brain

Call #17, Topic: Review of year, new insights into the Seven Levels, Call #18, Topic: Misc. wrap up

Minimum 5 participants for discussion, maximum 8.

Monthly Calls Mondays at 8 pm EST /Tuesdays at 8 am Beijing.

2017: November 13, December 4.

2018: January 8, February 19, March 19, April 23, May 28, June 25 and July 16.

$1295 USD (can be paid in two installments), To register, please email [email protected] Space is limited!



This option is also available to all Certified NeuroTransformational Coaches (whether or not you participated in the 2016-2017 program). In our 2017-2018 Neuroscience Intensive, we will dive in to the Module Three and Four content around energy, energy healing, intuition (there are some new aspects to the system), and even fascinating new research on Synchronicity. We’ll look at work from HearthMath, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and other institutes and organizations who are interested in the science around expanded awareness.

What to expect

Class size: Minimum six people, maximum nine, all certified NeuroTransformational Coaches.

Class structure: We’ll meet once or twice a month for 1.5 hours, on a recorded conference line, for nine months. There will be a total of 12 classes and we’ll work together as an informal, collaborative co-learning community with Ann as the facilitator. While there will not be coaching or new coaching tools as part of this program, we will discuss implications for all areas of leadership as well as how we can use this in our lives and work, including coaching.

Each session will have both pre-reading (or video review) and follow-up simple homework/reflection. The pre-reading will include both popular articles, videos and TED-type talks, and also some original research (we’ll talk about how to review this without our heads exploding). We’ll do occasional crowd-sourced study as well, with each member of the group researching and sharing a particular area of our topic.

There will also be an optional 1-2 page implementation paper due each month, focusing on one topic from the previous two classes: a) your explanation of the concept in “layman’s terms,” and b) how you have used this concept in your life. Papers will be reviewed and returned with comments.

(See below for class content.)

Dates and Times: Tuesdays 2:30 pm to 4:00 EST, starting October 3, 2017

2017: October 3 and 24 / November 7 and 28 / December 5 and 19

2018: January 23 / February 6 and 27 / March 6 / April 17 / May 8

It’s up to you how many classes you attend. All will be recorded.

Cost and Payment: $1800 total, to be paid in two payments of $900 each, as follows:

  • Upon registration
  • January 1, 2018

$100 discount for one payment (upon registration).

To register or for more information, contact [email protected]