Module Five (pre-req Modules 1-4)

Brain Cells and Deep Space elements of this image furnished by NPre-requisite, Modules One through Four of Neuroscience, Consciousness, and Transformational Coaching

Join us for a deep discovery of how to shift the impossible — in ourselves and in others.

In this power-packed three and half day workshop, we’ll focus primarily on moving the unmovable — how do we actually shift impossible things in our lives once and for all? Can it be done? What does it take? Can we change our very DNA? What about the earliest neural patterning in our lives? Bring your own “unmovables” and be prepared for miracles.

We’ll also look at deepening our relationship to and understanding of the many subtleties of the Seven Levels of Effectiveness, and how to bring them even more powerfully to life, as well as how the work we are doing is part of the larger shifting of consciousness on the planet.

Retreat Experience:

We offer Module Five as a retreat experience in various locations. This way, we can bond, create a powerful energy field, and deeply focus on the work (and play!) See below for particulars on each location. Each retreat begins Thursday morning at 9 am and ends Sunday at 2 pm.

COST: $795 USD — does not include food or lodging.

Check back for future dates and locations