Module 2

MODULE TWO: NEUROPLASTICITY—Creating Pathways for Sustainable Change (prerequisite: Module One)

  • The keys to neuroplasticity
  • Coaching for dealing with stress and creating stress-resistance
  • Coaching for brain integration (right/left, up/down and front/back—all integration makes us smarter, more aware, and more effective)
  • Breakthrough saboteur management
  • Creating from possibility and abundance: Form vs. Experience

Handouts for Module 2

5 Keys for Neuroplacticity (Updated 2/2014)

Big Explosions

Tools for Managing Stress

Body Controls the Mind

Experiences and Form

Inhibition and Suppression

Neuroplastcity 5 Principles Wheel (Updated 2/2014)

Physical Exercise

The Heart Energy Amplitude Recognition Test

The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains

Radio Wave Graph (blank)

Radio Wave Graph Instructions

RH/LH/Integration Metaphor Process

RH LH above and below-words

Intensive: Powerpoint

Powerpoint Module 2