Module 1

Module 1


  • Overview of the basic neuroscience connections to coaching, including:
    • Neuroplasticity: how the brain changes with coaching; the neuroscience process of human transformation
      • Levels of consciousness and the brain
      • How coaching needs to change depending on the client’s level of consciousness
    • Integration of the brain and its importance to whole-life effectiveness
    • The mirror neuron system, empathy and intuition
    • Balance and stress
    • The “embodied brain”  — the role of the heart, gut and nervous system in intuition and knowing
    • Experiential exercises and practical tools for using this knowledge directly in your coaching practice:
      • Help your clients shift more easily in ways that stick
      • Develop and trust your intuition even more fully

Understand how each of the core skills and tools of a professional coach are working in your client’s brain, so that you can use them even more effectively

Handouts for Module 1

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