Human Development Certification 2017-2018

Seven Levels Human Development Certification Program

Join us for a deep, rich and rewarding exploration of the latest in scientifically-based human development. Standing on the shoulders of coaching, but open to anyone curious about what makes human beings tick, this program will give you the tools to help people develop in the most engaged, passionate and effective way.

The SLHDP Certification combines two in-person meetings with virtual sessions and small group labs.

Module One is offered as an in-person intensive, July 26-28 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This fun, lively and interactive workshop includes:

  • Overview of the foundational CATSU model of Seven Levels Human Development, including understanding how the pieces fit together, and basic strengths and limitations of each aspect
  • Deep dive into Consciousness, including an overview of the Seven Levels of Effectiveness.
  • Exploration of the mindset of Co-Creation and why it is critical to the most effective human development.
  • Understanding and being able to use the BEING and DOING aspects and tools of Activation; how to create the most open and effective brain state in another.
  • The essence of Advising: when to do it, when not to, what happens in the brain, what are the conditions necessary for optimum effectiveness (the three Rs of Advising), and how to set aside your own ego/judgments/assumptions in the process.

Class Time—9:30 to 5 pm each day 
Location: Garrett’s Inn, 311 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: (505) 982-1851

Module Two will continue as a virtual program in a highly interactive format. From August 2017 to February 2018, we’ll meet twelve times. Nine as a large group (no more than 12) and three times in small group labs to explore, practice and receive feedback. All virtual classes will be recorded, and participants can miss up to three live (as long as recording is listened to) and remain eligible for Certification. All labs are mandatory but will be scheduled collaboratively with the small group.

Class Time—Tuesdays, 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. EST

Class #1: August 15

  • Reconnecting from July class
  • Sharing and questions from Consciousness and Co-Creation
  • Activating and Advising

Class #2: September 5

  • Exploring the A-Z of Being and the links to specific brain activation

Class #3: September 26

  • Exploring the A-Z of Doing and the links to specific brain activation

LAB #1: October 2 to 6 – small groups, practicing ACTIVATING and ADVISING with feedback from leader, dates to be determined

Class #4: October 24

  • Teaching and StoryTelling and the importance of Relevancy

Class #5: November 14

  • Teaching and StoryTelling and the power of “Just Right”

LAB #2: November 27-Dec 1 – small groups, practicing TEACHING and STORYTELLING with feedback from leader, dates to be determined.

Class #6: December 12

  • Deep dive into Science; the scientific context of being a Seven Levels Human Developer (SLHD)–thinking like a scientist, overview of science covered so far, how to share with others (Teaching and Telling).

Class #7: January 9, 2018

  • Deep dive into Spirit; the spiritual context being an SLHD–thinking like a mystic; how to share with others (Teaching and Telling).

Class #8: January 23

  • Understanding your Unique gifts and focus and exploring the Undefined
    • What are the gifts you bring as an HCA? What is unique to YOU?
    • When is it time for something else outside your ability or expertise?

LAB #3 January 29-Feb 2, 2018 Exploring the specific unique gifts and the context you are using Seven Levels Human Development; developing in-between project for April completion weekend. Dates to be determined.

Class #9: February 13, 2018

  • Bringing it all together with mastery and ease
  • Completion of virtual program
  • Sharing in-between projects in big group


Completion—April 20-21, 2018, Santa Fe, New Mexico

This final gathering will feature presentations of in-between projects, opportunities for creative exploration of the CATSU model, celebration and a whole lot of fun. Participants who complete the entire program will receive certification as a Seven Levels Human Developer.


COST FOR Certification Program: