Seven Levels Human Development Program Content

Module One, Stepping Into the Field

Light Radiates out from body of man

  • CATSU model overview
    • Understanding how the pieces fit together, basic strengths and limitations of each aspect
  • Deep dive into Consciousness and Co-Creation
    • Overview of the Seven Levels of Effectiveness and other views of consciousness, why consciousness as an organizing principle of Seven Levels Human Development (SLHD)?
    • Deep exploration of the mindset of Co-Creation, what does it mean that both the SLHD and others are shaped by the relationship?
  • Deep dive into the BEING and DOING of Activation
    • The A-Z of Activation, how to create the most open and effective brain state in another
    • Linking Activation to consciousness
  • HCA in organizations
  • Deep dive into Advising
    • When to do it, when not to, what happens in the brain, what are the conditions necessary for optimum effectiveness, how to set aside your own ego/judgments/assumptions in the process.

Module Two, Deepening Wisdom and Capacity

  • Deep dive into Teaching
    • What to Teach, what to Activate, determining (and owning) one’s own expertise, keeping it simple and relevant.
  • Deep dive into Telling
    • Crafting a powerful story, using classic teaching stories, when is this about me and when is it for another’s sake.
  • Deep dive into Science
    • The scientific context of being a Seven Levels Human Developer–thinking like a scientist
    • Overview of science covered so far, how to share with others (Teaching and Telling)
  • Deep dive into Spirit
    • The spiritual context being aSeven Levels Human Developer–thinking like a mystic
    • How to share with others (Teaching and Telling)
  • Understanding your Unique gifts and focus and exploring the Undefined
    • What are the gifts you bring as an SLHD? What is unique to YOU?
    • When is it time for something else outside your ability or expertise?
  • Bringing it all together with mastery and ease