Coaching Program Handouts – Part 2


#1—Connection and Values Integration

TOOL: Valugration

#2—The 7 Levels of Effectiveness

TOOL: Walking the ladder – again

#3—Saboteur Management—Left Hemisphere

TOOL: Form and Experience

#4—Wounds and Healing Fields

TOOL: Wounds and corresponding healing field

#5—The mirror nature of the 7 Levels

TOOL: Speaking from Above to Below

#6—Integration and Strengthening the PFC

TOOL: Taking in the good

#7—Integration and Strengthening the RH

TOOL: The Nature Process (can also be done indoors)

#8—Saboteur Management—Right Hemisphere

TOOL: Part of my Being

#9—Integration and Resonance

TOOL: Resonance and Dissonance

#10—Integration and The Higher Brain

TOOL: Loving What Is – or What is Perfect


TOOL: Coaching Invocation

#12—Reflection, the journey

TOOL: Walking the timeline of the past year