Human Consciousness Architecture, an Advanced Development Program


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing or rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. 


At BEabove Leadership, we’ve become increasingly aware that the time has come for the next wave of human development innovation, one that builds on the accomplishments and power of therapy, coaching, leadership training and more, but takes us to the next pinnacle of effective development, sustainable change, and true transformation.

We have met many coaches, leaders, consultants, counselors and therapists who, like us, are feeling the constraints of our current systems, and are longing for a new conversation in the arena of human awareness. We want to dance out far beyond the limits and expectations of existing models, free to explore much more widely the powerful and paradoxical nature of growth and development.

Thus, we are now offering the first ever advanced development program in Human Consciousness Architecture, featuring the neuroscience-based CATSU model (see below), which is a new way of addressing the complex needs and desires of humans as they explore who they are, what they want, and what it is possible to become.

In 2017, we are offering an in-person and virtual series beginning with an in-person intensive in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The in-person mastery training focuses on facilitation, leadership, providing one-to-one support, and personal development and is available to innovators and radical change agents from any background. It is highly applicable in an organizational setting for leaders at any level, as well as relevant both to folks newly wanting to enter the human development field and those already working as coaches, counselors, therapists, or healers of any modality. Human Consciousness Architecture is a wonderful way to start your career in the human development field, or expand your client offerings and skills. It is also a powerful model for use within organizations, so we welcome HR and OD professionals as well!

THE CATSU MODEL OF Human Consciousness Architecture

C = Consciousness and Co-Creation

The C of CATSU is the ground of being of the whole model, the scaffolding upon which the co-creative relationship is built.

1) Human Consciousness Architects (HCAs) base their work in a commitment to increasing levels of consciousness in themselves, their clients or team, and the world. This work in consciousness is founded on a deep understanding of the human brain.

2) HCAs are passionately committed to the process of co-creation, so the relationship of an HCA with whoever they work with is that of peers and equals, with learning and growth occurring for all.

A = Activating and Advising

The A (and T — see below) of CATSU are the manner in which Human Architects work with people.

1) HCAs activate people’s own inner knowing by engaging in deep curiosity and asking open-ended questions.

2) HCAs advise based on the HCA’s own intuition, experience and expertise.

T = Teaching and Telling

1) HCAs teach people about their brains, consciousness, and more, in order to build their own capacity for self-knowledge and self-direction.

2) HCAs tell stories and share ideas for the sake of learning and growth.

S = Science and Spirit

The S-es of CATSU are the theoretical frameworks supporting the work.

1) The work of Human Consciousness Architecture is based in cutting edge, empirically verifiable science, with a focus on neuroscience. (This scientific background is what makes Advising, Teaching and Telling effective and even possible, because HCAs learn when and how to do so in a way that triggers a positive emotional response.)

2) The work of Human Consciousness Architecture also honors the deep wisdom of the spiritual traditions of our world, and, while based in science, also leaves room to embrace the mystery.

U = Unique and Undefined

The U of CATSU leaves room for whatever else the HCA has available to bring to the relationship, and honors the fact that no two Human Consciousness Architects will ever work in the same way with the same tools.

The U also acknowledges that there may be things people need that are not best served by that particular HCA.


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