Advanced Coaching Series FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the prerequisite for this series?

A. You need to have completed classroom training with an ICF accredited coach training program. You do not need to be certified.

Q. Can I take part in this program if I am NOT a coach?

A. We’re sorry, but this series is designed with the experienced and trained coach in mind. We build on your existing skills and experience as a coach, and add neuroscience and consciousness understanding to what you already know.

If you are interested in a neuroscience based training for people who develop and work with others, please check out our Human Consciousness Architecture Program:

Q. Are all courses live?

A. Yes, the Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Coaching Advanced Coach Training Series classes are all held in person. Our work is comprehensive, deep and highly experiential. We provide lots of diverse ways to learn the tools and concepts and practice the tools using your own real life situations and issues.

Q. Is there a certification available?

A. Yes, we offer an 18-week virtual certification program after completion of the complete series. Here is the link to more information:

Q. Are there new tools provided that I can use with my clients?

A. Yes, there are approximately 25 new tools offered in the series. You can use all the tools and handouts with your clients in one-on-one coaching relationships.

Q. Can I use the materials to train groups and/or organizations?

A. These tools are designed, taught and practiced in the context of one-to-one work with individuals. After completion of the series and our Certification program, we offer a train-the-trainer and license program that will give you the tools, practice and license to use this work with groups and organizations. Information on the train-the-trainer can be found here:

We also allow a limited use of the tools and concepts under U.S. “fair use” guidelines, which requires that our material not constitute more than approximately 10% of the total material presented. This would be about 20 minutes of a three-hour training, or under an hour of an eight-hour training day.

Q. How many hours can I miss of a workshop weekend?

A. We ask that you not miss more than two hours of any module.

Q. Do I get ICF CCEUs?

A. Yes. Each program has the amount of ICF CCEUs listed on the website.

Q. Do I have to sign up for the whole program?

A. Yes, you do. Our program is designed so that each module builds on the next, with the full picture of how the human brain, body and energy field relates to consciousness and is impacted by coaching becoming clear as you travel through the four modules.

Q. How can I get the most out of the series?

A. We recommend clearing your schedule of all other commitments so that you have ample time for reflection and sleep during the program. We found that when students try to manage stressful work or family commitments during the modules, it has can have a detrimental impact on their ability to absorb the learning. We also recommend practicing all the tools in between each module so that you get them in your bones.

Q. How do I register and is there anything I need to know about the registration process?

A. You can register on our website under the link for the location you wish to take this program. We take either PayPal or credit cards. Upon registration, you’ll receive a welcome note from our assistant, Patricia Orr. We’ll also send you an ebook on the Seven Levels, which we encourage you to read before the first Module.

About two to three weeks before each module, you will receive a letter with logistical information and a PDF of all the handouts you need for that module. Please print these and bring them with you – you will need them in hard copy format.

A couple of additional notes:

1. If your email address is different from the email address you use in PayPal please let us know as soon as possible and also make sure to notify us if you do not receive any communication from us (if you do not receive a welcome letter, please also check your spam folder).
2. We also appreciate you letting us know if you want a different name on your nametag than the one your registration is under.
3. Courses are set up as cohorts in one location, but if you need to do the modules in different locations, that is fine. just be sure to let us know where you plan to attend each module if you will not be attending all sessions in the location where you registered.


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